A Mother's Sanctuary: A Healing Retreat

This retreat is a safe haven, a sanctuary, for mothers who have lost a child to suicide.

Your four day retreat, in a luxurious mountain-side vacation home, will be filled with opportunities for healing, meditation, group workshops, massages, beautiful views, laughter, crying, developing friendships and fabulous food. 

A Mother's Sanctuary: A Healing Retreat will be held October 11-14th, 2018.
In order to keep the retreat an intimate, safe space, we only have 14 spaces available!
Don't wait to find your sanctuary and begin your healing!


Are you looking for a safe place to fall apart? At A Mother's Sanctuary: A Healing Retreat, you don't have to hold it together for your spouse, your job, or your family members.

We hold space for your healing. You are not alone. You can safely fall apart as much as you need to.

The first three people to join the sanctuary, will receive a discounted price!
And remember, in order to keep the retreat an intimate, safe space, we only have 14 spaces available!
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Melanie Brown is a licensed therapist who has been working with families, couples, and youth for 10+ years! Her goal as a therapist is to support her clients in releasing old unresolved pain in the middle of your relationship, bringing it back to a place that is warm and wonderful: she calls this Divorce Prevention Therapy. Through her work with youth she has found that when young people can find their own sense of self -worth, their desire to achieve, improve, and build close family relationships grows exponentially. When they understand their great value, it helps them weather the storms of relationship struggles, overcome the negative influence of others, and rise to the their highest potential!

Recently, Melanie was crowned Ms. Female Entrepreneur of Utah, and she is excited to continue sharing her message about youth suicide prevention, in this role.


Why can Melanie help you?

Melanie understands, on a personal level, this life changing--only a mother can understand--level of grief.

David will always be 29... What does a mother tell you about a son lost?  How do I help you understand David? 
He was the most loving young man I have ever met. 

He is gone, his goofy laugh, his silly smile, his curly hair, his love for everyone around him. 

When I left David that weekend to house sit he seemed okay. I had no idea what I would come home to that Monday night...


I came home that Monday night, hurrying in and out of the house .. annoyed that David didn't get up and come help.  Then I went in and touched his body to wake him... and he was so cold.  


...All I know is I want him back. I want to hold him and touch him and buy him Mountain Dew .. and even cigarettes. I hated that he smoked but now it doesn't matter... I even wish I could buy him cigarettes!  You see what I thought mattered so much didn't...   doesn't... because all that matters is loving David.

“ I have felt for a very long time that those who find me, that come to work with me, are intended for me to work with them, because I have the tools and skills and understanding to help you deal with the struggles and problems that you are experiencing in your life right now...”
— Melanie Brown, Owner, Healing Hearts & HOmes

This is the perfect space to form friendships with other women who know exactly how you feel. They share their stories and experiences for growing through grief and will strengthen and support you as you take the time to fall apart and heal.

Join us in a luxury mountainside home near the Little Cottonwood Canyons of Utah for your healing retreat! You will enjoy panoramic views off a large two-level deck, movie theater, recreation room, and two comfortable family rooms with fireplaces and flatscreen TVs.

I am ready for my retreat!

We hear you...

Grief for a mother is different than any other grief. During your healing retreat, you can honor your child and the love you hold for your child. We understand that they will always be a part of you! You will have a safe place to share your child with us. 

We want to honor their life! You deserve the time to heal, a sanctuary, a safe and sacred place of healing! Let's laugh and cry together! 

A Note from Melanie:

I want the mothers, each of you, to leave the retreat knowing you are not alone, that other women share your grief and understand. That your child's life mattered and you will always have their life to remember and carry them with you. I want you to feel that your pain is a bit lighter... that you can go on. And lastly, that you have healed from some of the heaviness of this deep grief.


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Terms & Conditions:

All first payments and deposits are non-refundable.
Cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the start of retreat to receive a partial refund. Any cancellations within 30 days  of the retreat starting cannot be refunded. 30 days before the start of the retreat is September 11, 2018.
Payment for retreat includes: nightly accommodation, main meals throughout retreat, group activities and counseling as advertised in the itinerary. Payment for retreat does NOT include: transportation to/from retreat, additional activities, tips, other snacks, medical treatment for injury or illness that may occur.

Healing Hearts and Homes is not liable for any injury or illness that may occur during the retreat.