Breath of Life-Parents’ Night

Have you spent months of sleepless nights?

worried you might be the parent who finds your child too late?

Are you so scared every time you fight with your teenager that it could put them over the edge?
Now you just put up with way too much for fear you could trigger them and they might do something that you won't ever be able to change...

So terrified every moment that you could lose them forever?
….You've wondered if your will ever find a solution before it’s too late?

The truth is each day more than one thousand teenagers try to kill themselves, and every ninety minutes one of them succeeds.

You see, I know you have tried to figure this out and you think you have failed as a parent..
I know how that feels … it is beyond heartbreaking!

There is a solution!

And I can give that to you.

Please join together in this special evening class for parents:

*  You will be given tools to use immediately that will help support your son or daughter to move through this struggle
* You will find the support of others parents who share the same worries and concerns as you
* You will finally find the answers you are looking for!

Join us..Let us help you save their life!

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Our program helps each young man and young woman find positive new ways to manage life's
obstacles and traumas that have strained their well-being. To learn to create
relationships that are positive and supportive, to set healthy boundaries.

To Breath again and build a Life they Love!

To create a Bright future!



Melanie Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the owner of Healing Hearts and Homes.

She has worked with Youth and Families for the past 10+ years. Melanie is an active member of the Suicide Prevention coalition and Zero Suicide Initiative in Salt Lake City, Utah, and speaks regularly to share her message of hope for families and youth.

Having raised nine teenagers of her own, Melanie has been focusing her practice on rebuilding and reconnecting broken family relationships and helping teens want to live!