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..SO..   whats a DBT???

  It looks like you want a bit more information about how I work as a therapist…

I’m not the kind of therapist that believes there is the 10 easy lessons for depression or 6 easy solutions for solving anxiety your feeling in your life.

I’m very intuitive with my clients and consider myself to be a Healer.

I am very open and intuitive in my practice and try to listen to what comes to me specifically to serve each individual client.


I am formally trained in DBT – Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

I chose training in this particular form of therapy since this is already the way I work with my clients..

Check out this video!…  Whats DBT??

This is my lifes work, to help families and youth who struggle.

It is my heart, and here is why...

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Fear is guarding the gate to your greatness!