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           " I have felt for a very long time that those who find me, that come to work with me, are intended for me to work with them, because I have the tools and skills and understanding to help you deal with the struggles and problems that you are experiencing in your life right now..."   

                     The Clients I LOVE To Work With.. 

youth – I love teenagers don’t you!

I know for certain that you love yours!

When young people can find their own inner sense of Self Worth … their desire to achieve, improve, and build close family relationships grows exponentially. And  ..  understanding their great value helps them weather the storms and Rise to the their Highest Potential—overcoming the “End of Life” solution and Learning to Love their Life!

I truly believe with all my heart that young people can learn to love their life!

To live and thrive!


Each day more than one thousand teenagers try to kill themselves, and

every ninety minutes one of them succeeds.

This is why I have such a strong desire to help.. to understand more about why I feel this way Please read David's Story..

family Relationships -

I love working with families!

This may be a surprise to you as a parent, but I find that the Children and Youth in families really want to create a home without the fighting and arguing. And..   I’ve been very successful in helping families find solutions to problems so things get quiet and happier at home. 


I‘ve been working with couples for the last decade.  I call the work I do    Divorce Prevention Therapy.

My goal as a therapist is to support you in releasing old unresolved pain in the middle of your relationship, bringing it back to a place that is warm and wonderful! 

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!