Breath of Life

Have you spent months of sleepless nights?

worried you might be the parent who finds your child too late?

Our program helps each young man and young woman find positive new ways to manage life's
obstacles and traumas that have strained their well-being. To learn to create
relationships that are positive and supportive, to set healthy boundaries.

To Breath again and build a Life they Love!

To create a Bright future!


The goal

This is like getting 3 years of therapy in 3 months!!

Our individualized therapeutic plan and focused care help youth who are in our program to move to a better place—mentally and emotionally— in a much shorter period of time.

Youth who struggle with suicide and self-harm issues need this program that is dedicated to overcoming the hopelessness that leads to suicide and the overwhelming pain that causes self-harm; creating in their place - a vision for a bright future, a deep sense of ones purpose, and a centered knowing of one's intrinsic worth. 


Types of Sessions

In order to create a system that will rebuild and reconnect your relationship with your son or daughter, create a new family support system and ignite hope

-Daily Individual sessions every week

-Group shared sessions

-Parent/family sessions

These sessions will compliment each other and create sustainable recovery!


Family support

This is a program created to build and support the needs of your entire family system.

We can no longer send our youth away, to learn skills to change their life, and then have them return to the same environments. Losing all they have gained because they don’t know how to integrate it into what they left..This hasn't worked in the past!

Our program needs the support and active involvement of parents with their teenager.

We can’t do this without you!

Our 12 week program is starting !

This session has six spots available! If you are ready for your child to get the intensive help they need, fill out the form below to get more information!

Our program is expansive! When your child participates, they can expect to receive and learn:

*assessment of physical health and helpful recommendations as that affects our mental health significantly at times

*assessment of relationships, supportive and unsupportive, teaching relationship skills in order to create supportive relationships and disengage from damaging relationships

*increased self-awareness management skills for overwhelming emotion, understanding of the personal effect
in life from depression/anxiety issues

*self-regulation tools for overcoming sense of worthlessness or self shame,

*skills to create an understanding of one's intrinsic value

*an understanding of one's purpose in life/ability to create a desired life

*the importance of gratitude and how to practice that in daily life

*importance of spirituality and how to increase that in daily life

*the ability to have awareness of and talk about emotions


Visualize this:

When young man or young woman can see and focus and believe in a brighter future and their ability to create that... Suicide becomes a distant memory. When a young person can gain the skills to create supportive loving relationships around them, they no longer face their life alone. When they learn to see joy in the journey, that there are lessons in the failing and they aren't the failure, they can learn
to manage the struggle, and overcome the obstacles.

We all have the goal of keeping our youth safe! If you would like more information about this 12 week Intensive Outpatient Program, please fill out the form below and I will reach out to you personally to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you gain hope ..

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