Current Events and Promotions

Healing Hearts and Homes has a lot of super exciting things happening and there are many ways for you to be involved. Click on the section below that you want more information!


12 Week Outpatient Program: Youth Treatment for Suicide and Self-Harm Issues

A Class for Parents of Teens that are Struggling
We Love Them Back to Life!!!


Ms. Female Entrepreneur USA 2018-2019

During the Spring of 2018, I competed as Ms. Female Entrepreneur Salt Lake City and was crowned Ms. Female Entrepreneur Utah! I then competed at a National level and was crowned Ms. Female Entrepreneur USA! Click here to learn more about my platform, my goals, and how you can get involved in my cause.

Silent Auction 

In order to put our platform for youth suicide prevention into action, I am creating and launching a new Intensive Outpatient Program specifically for youth who struggle with suicide or self harm issues! The first step to creating this program is funding. 

I will be hosting a silent auction to raise funds for this cause. I am looking for organizations and individuals to donate products and services to be part of the auction, volunteers to help at the auction, and attendees! Get involved and read more by clicking below!


A Mother's Sanctuary: A Healing Retreat

This retreat is a safe haven, a sanctuary, for mothers who have lost a child to suicide. This four day retreat, in a luxurious mountain-side vacation home, will be filled with opportunities for healing, meditation, group workshops, chair massages, beautiful views, laughter, crying, developing friendships and fabulous food. 

For more information about the upcoming A Mother's Sanctuary: A Healing Retreat, please click below!

General donations are always accepted! They will be used to further our mission of youth suicide and self-harm prevention.

Funds donated will be allocated to the cause in most need, unless specified by the donor.

If you'd like more information or are ready to donate, click the image to begin!